Carpathia Trails 2022



Data: 29 Iunie - 3 Iulie 2022
Locul: Cheile Gradistei Fundata
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Evenimentul:Carpathia Trails 2022
Începutul evenimentului:29 Iunie 2022


You Only Live Once is one of our favorite acronyms. Lately this mantra seems to be part of our collective consciousness, more than ever.

In urban culture, sports or business, there is a race against time to make each moment matter and live life to the max.

All these reached heights that cannot be ignored anymore and probably are part of trail running expansion over the last years.

We only live once, so we’d better run in the most wonderful places and compete in the most beautiful races.

Once-In-A-Lifetime branded.
4 days, 3 mountains, 2 teammates, 1 unique experience.

Carpathia Trails, in two words.




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