Balkan Mountain Running Championships (Amanat)


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Data: 16 Mai 2020, 09:00 Sâmbătă


Brasov is a city that has surpassed all historical menaces and has had spiritual, civic and material resources to regenerate and reinvent culture. The municipality of Brasov assumes responsibility for the implementation of intelligent solutions for culture and for the responsible use of cultural resources.By foot Brasov is fascinating in any season. History, culture, architecture, are elements that will surprise you everywhere.

The 12th edition of the Balkan Mountain Running Championship will be held on May 16th 2020, in Poiana Brasov, being a mountain-specific race from the international calendar of the International Athletics Association (IAAF) and the Balkan Athletics Association (ABAF).
Through this event, Poiana Brasov will be host for 21 Balkan countries that are members of ABAF.
Being an international race, it is conducted under the strict technical indications specific to the type of category in the discipline of athletics, established by regulation by the IAAF. Thus, from a technical and organizational point of view all technical regulations regarding the organization of this event will be respected.
The categories of invited athletes are of two types:
• Senior men & women
• Junior men & women
Each category has its own route according to the regulation.
The START & FINISH area will be organized on the Athletic Stadium in Poiana Brasov, near the Olympic Sports Complex and the route of the competition will be over 95% in the ski area.
The public access to the ski area will be achieved by closing the traffic on a distance of about 250m.
The accommodation spaces will be divided between the Teleferic and Escalade hotel, and the meal for the athletes will be served in the same place according to the accommodation chart.

The accreditation area and the official headquarters of the organizers will be in the reception area of the Teleferic hotel.

The opening and closing ceremony, including the award ceremony of the event, will take place at the Poiana Brasov Leisure Center.


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