Data: 6 Mai 2022, 23:00 Vineri


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Legendary DnB producer Netsky is coming to Kruhnen Musik Halle.
It seems weird that Belgian drum and bass superstar Netsky is only just 33, given he came to the attention of many people in the scene back in 2009 with his remix of Miike Snow's track Black & Blue.
Since then he has albums of his own, as well as countless other tracks and remixes, and has followed in the footsteps of others in the scene by translating his performances into a full-blown live show. Now seen almost as often behind synths as decks, the man has taken his sound across the globe and to thousands of adoring fans.
Part of Netsky’s appeal and popularity in the drum and bass community is due to his emphasis on live music – his liquid funk style of producing mixes generic drum and bass with instrumental layers and vocals.

Acces: 18+
Accesul cu mâncare, băutură, aparate foto sau aparate de înregistrare audio-video sau semi-profesionale, obiecte contondente, cuțite, arme, artificii, animale de companie.

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