MOON BASS - Vinyl DNB Minifest


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Data: 10 August 2019, 20:00 Sâmbătă
Telefon Informații: 0733 894 879


MOON BASS - Vinyl DNB Minifest

This Saturday the Secret Garden takes you to the moon with some DNB Vinyl love spun by INOXBRAINS. With DNU's DNB vibrations for warm up and KONYA killin it Secret Garden style. Don't miss Brasov's best event this weekend with the Secret Garden's MOON BASS Minifest, we'll bring you a night of summer DNB bliss.

INOXBRAINS / KONYA / DNU ... will tear up the Secret Garden with serious DNB creations, so get your DNB fun dance vibe on and we'll see you here 

The Secret Garden... Making Brasov great again 

DO NOT bring your own alcohol
NO underage or drugs allowed
RESPECT the house and Secret Garden
Please KEEP QUIET in the ally between the gate and the garden
NO SHOES in the Secret Garden back lounge building
Have an AWESOME time 


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