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Data: 15 Martie 2019, 22:00 Vineri
Locul:Braşov, Visssual


Banda4, the electronic sound from that old shoe factory, reaches new heights this Friday.

[Christian Löffler] needs no introduction. He is one of the most loved producers out there. With his melodic sounds he manages to break the barrier between electronic and human in a way that no one else can. As a painter he is guided by the same goal – to reach that profound essence of things.

After "A Forest" and "Mare", Christian will launch this year "Graal (Prologue)".

[Moduler] is part of the Amural Crew. Trained as an architect, he is now an architect of sounds, building and crushing and building again.
His sets are always live, his music is ephemeral and this makes listening to him so much interesting.

[Vlad Bold] is a DJ from Brasov you probably heard before in the local clubs or at Amural. His last gig was opening for Marcus Henriksson in Bucharest. Know he will be closing the party late into the night.

Alongside the immersive projections, we are preparing a special setup for this special night, so bring your best you and let’s have fun!

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