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Data: 13 Decembrie 2020, 19:00 Duminică


How are you? We hear you!
Open up instead of locking down!
These times are difficult for most of us. We are surrounded by tension, insecurity, fears and suffering. In this situation we want to offer a meditative heart sharing event for you. We will create a safe and loving space to open yourself up, in a heart centered community, instead of locking down and staying in isolation. A space of listening with our hearts to each other, supported by the love and compassion of hearts coming together in mediation.
In this event we will combine heart centering meditations with sharing and listening to the friends joining us. We begin by connecting with our hearts, before everyone can just share about the simple question “How are you?” in a space supported by the loving atmosphere of our hearts. We will end the event with a love and compassion meditation.
For this meditation event it is necessary to have video and audio so that we can see and hear you.
In order to participate you will first need to install Zoom on your device and then use the following link:
Make sure that you find a place where you can sit comfortably and where you will not be disturbed during this session, being considerate of the other participants' experience as well as yours. Please join the meeting 5 minutes before as we can not accept participants who are late, for practical reasons. The practice will be facilitated by Ira Ganßmann (FSTU practitioner and coach from Hamburg, Germany)and Asang Hriday, (FSTU practitioner and Add Heart Facilitator™ from Brasov, Romania).
You can stay updated with our events related to the Heart's atmosphere by following our facebook page FSTU From Separation To Unity - Heart Consciousness Evolution.


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