New Year Eve Meditation - Learn Practice and unwind! - Online



Data: 31 Decembrie 2021 Vineri


New Year Eve Meditation - Learn Practice and unwind!


Online-Zoom,, Brașov, Romania

Music meditation and socialization. Spend the eve with people like you, seeking to end year in peace and pursue higher purpose of life

About this Event

Life can be joyous when you are with people like you- spiritual and seekers of peace and higher purpose in life.So join New Year Eve's meditation session to learn and practice meditation and also unwind with some socialization towards end of session with fellow meditation practitioners and learners. This session is free and so will be follow ups.

How to join?

We recommend joining by laptop for better experience.

You can join up to 15 minutes before start of event if you have some queries or would like some one to one help before meditation session starts. This is a recurring session that serves beginners and above. No prior experience needed. If you are unable to join us don't worry, you can always rejoin us on any subsequent date. After few sessions you are placed in next level where introduction is skipped and we share more techniques.

When to join?09:45 PM EET (CAT, SAST)

you can join 15 mins in advance, if you need some individual help with meditation.


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Please feel free to email or WhatsApp following in case you have more questions or face difficulties joining Zoom session. We will try to keep you informed about more meditation events.


Stay safe and keep meditating!

About New YearEvery year comes a new year, and the last year gets completed. For Sahaja yogis every moment is a new year because they stay in the present. They stay neither in the future, nor in the past. Every moment for them is a new year, a new hope, a new wave.

Just like while swimming in the ocean, every moment you are lifted by the love of the ocean. In the same manner, every Sahaja yogi is constantly feeling the bubbling of joy, love and peace. But the actual point is whether we have learnt to swim or not. In Sahaja Yoga, whoever has learnt how to swim, he will always swim in joy, will swim in the ocean of joy. If there is any shortcoming or flaw in Sahaja Yoga, it is that after Realisation, you have to become.

- Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi (founder Sahaja Yoga meditation - 3rd January, 1984, New Delhi)



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