American Week


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Data: 1 - 7 Iulie 2019


The first week of July we are celebrating the United States here, at Rope Street Museum - in the heart of Brașov, Transylvania.
The tourists that will come to our museum during this week will have the opportunity to try American treats and surprises, like fresh lemonade and chocolate chip cookies, fruit rum punch, cup cakes, hot chocolate with home made marshmallows, vanilla ice cream Coke flutters and many others. We are preparing them in limited quantities (in order not to waste food), therefore, in true American spirit, 'The early bird will catch the worm' - or in this case, the treats.
And, of course, all our American guests will have a special 20% discount on selected items purchased with us, during this festive week! Just let us know where you're from, and tell us a short, truly American story from back home 
See you Rope Street Museum!


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