How to Sell Your Winning Idea in 2 Minutes


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Data: 20 Februarie 2020, 18:15 Joi


Almost everything we do in life – personal or professional – is related to sales. We are all salespeople, the difference between us is that some of are getting paid for it, so we call it job, and some others are not.

Having the ability to conceptualize something you want to pass forward – an idea, a product, a service, an experience, a miracle, call it whatever – in a clear, simplified manner and with the desired impact on the receiver is a catch, no matter what you do for a living. If you need just a very bit of your time to do this, it’s even a greater catch!


Why are we all into sales and what can we do about it
Principles of selling applying to any domain
How to use visual thinking to sell your ideas
How to make people care about your idea/ product/ service
How to shape your ideas in the most saleable way

About the speaker
Roxana Cârceag has never been into sales. Actually, she has some pretty settled misconceptions about being a salesperson since she was a little child, but we let her tell you more about this when you'll meet at PentaBAR. What we can tell you is that she is a public speaking pioneer and a greedy mountaineer; she is currently coordinating the event organization in the Pentalog agencies worldwide, she loves nature, adventure, backpacking and hiking, yet she’s never been into sales. Or so she thought. If you think the same about yourself, it means it’s time for the two of you to meet!

During this PentaBAR, Roxana will bring forward some handy techniques to help you quickly turn your idea into a winning, worth sharing concept. And how to sell it. Oh, and be prepared - you are also going to have a share in this event, so make sure you take your (soon to become winning) idea with you!


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