Conferința "Feed Your Mind on Tour"



Data: 28 Mai 2019, 13:30 Marți
Locul:Braşov, Visssual


Feed Your Mind just got a major makeover & comes to your city! 

We know feeding your body daily is a priority.
But is it FEEDING YOUR MIND daily a priority?
Well, no matter the answer, here is your opportunity to expand your horizons. 

Local & national speakers will join the stage to share their expertise with those who are on a constant hunt for knowledge. Topics such as entrepreneurship, environment, social impact, inspiration, technology, future trends, education & many others are ready to be on your plate via sharp speakers & interactive moments.

- Raluca Mihaila - Founder of Utopic Brain
- Ciprian Stanescu - Futurist, Social Innovation Solutions
- Sergiu Penciu - Digital Expert & Financial Education Professor at BCR
- Micu Bogdan - Environmental Entrepreneur

Register for free on Limited seats available so be fast to reserve yours at FEED YOUR MIND!

Feed Your Mind is a thought-provoking platform first seen during AWAKE Festival in 2017. It engages speakers & audiences in meaningful, vivid conversations and curiosity endeavours.

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